Alice in Wonderland in Las Vegas

How To Have a Very Alice in Wonderland Day in Las Vegas

Alice in Wonderland in Las Vegas slot machine
If you have ever journeyed to Las Vegas, you know that it is full of bright lights, video poker and misbehaving tourists. But did you also know it is full of Alice in Wonderland things to see and do? We are chock-full of ways to find Alice in Wonderland in Las Vegas. For example, you could:

Play an Alice in Wonderland Slot Machine

Three different types of Alice in Wonderland slot machines exist: Alice’s Wonderland from IGT, and Alice and the Enchanted Mirror and Alice and the Mad Tea Party from WMS. The WMS slot machines are much easier to find. Both the Enchanted Mirror and Mad Tea Party slots are at Ballys, Harrah’s, Paris, Planet Hollywood and The Quad in Las Vegas. And great news, they are all penny slots! I even found a one cent Enchanted Mirror machine at swanky Bellagio, located just outside of the restaurant Le Cirque. No, I did not win. I didn’t even get a bonus round.

Alice in wonderland Las Vegas slots

Hey! Lady behind me! I’m trying to take a pic for my Alice in Wonderland blog, beat it!

Visit the Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

As long as you are playing the slots at Bellagio, why not visit the Botanical Gardens? The Bellagio switches out their garden theme five times each year. Chinese New Year, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter all get their own dazzling displays. I don’t know if they have ever decorated with an official Alice in Wonderland theme, but with gigantic flowers, mushrooms, fountains and topiaries, it hardly needs to be official! No matter what season you visit, you will feel like a tiny Alice entering the vast, beautiful gardens of the Queen of Hearts. Unless you visit January to mid-March for the Chinese New Year display, of course. Not much of an Alice connection there.

under the sea theme at the bellagio gardens

You don’t remember the third book, Alice and the Sea Horses of Sin City?

Dine at Rose. Rabbit. Lie.

Rose. Rabbit. Lie. at The Cosmopolitan definitely has an Alice in Wonderland vibe going on, it’s just a little hard to figure out. Which is perfect! Everything about this place is mysterious and cool. The menu is sealed with wax. The plates don’t match. You may be seated in the library, the study or the music room.  A Chocolate Terrarium is for dessert. There’s a secret room! In addition, the staff is friendly, and there is entertainment every night. The food managed to please my plebeian palate as well as that of the professional chef I was with (who couldn’t wipe the smile off his face the entire night). I was wild about the Lobster Cocktail with avocado mousse, while my seatmates gushed about the Pot au Pho and surprises on the tasting menu. But what struck me the most about Rose. Rabbit. Lie. was the crowd. It was incredibly diverse- the tables surrounding us included young Asian girls bopping along to the music, a middle-aged white couple taking their daughter out for her birthday, a couple of out-and-proud black guys and some dressed-to-the-nines Latina hotties- and absolutely everyone seemed to be having the time of their lives. Turns out a tumble down the rabbit hole is for everyone!

Chocolate Sunshine at Rose Rabbit Lie

Told ya he couldn’t stop smiling!

Watch ALICE A Steampunk Concert Fantasy

I won’t go on and on about ALICE A Steampunk Concert Fantasy. I already did that here. But suffice it to say… If you enjoy absurdly talented singers and dancers, gorgeous makeup and costumes and explosive musical numbers, you must see ALICE A Steampunk Concert Fantasy the next time you are in Las Vegas. Heck, why not plan your trip around a 2016 date? ALICE will be at the Brooklyn Bowl at the LINQ on February 24 and March 23.

Vegas Steampunk Fantasy Las Vegas

If you are not intrigued as to what is going on here, you and I have very little in common.

p.s. I went to ALICE again in April 2016! Read our new ALICE A Steampunk Concert Fantasy Review with lots of pretty pictures.

Did I miss anything Alice in Wonderland in Las Vegas? What do you do when you visit Sin City? (PG rated answers only, please.)

Addendum November 2016: A Las Vegas-based fashion designer recently reached out to let me know about her fabulous couture/punk rock line of clothing and accessories, featured in this Alice in Wonderland photo shoot from The Odd Portrait. What better way to outfit yourself for a very Alice in Wonderland Day in Las Vegas?

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