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Tune in to our Alice in Wonderland blog every week for Alice in Wonderland movie and tv reviews, Lewis Carroll literary commentary, Alice events taking place in the real world and more. At turns frabjous, contrariwise, and maybe even mimsy. We’ll even tell you how to throw your own Mad Tea-Party! Whether it’s movies, music, literature or fashion, Alice in Wonderland truly is Everywhere.

wonderland stamp case was sold with eight or nine wise words about letter writing
In 1890, Lewis Carroll Published Rules For Communicating That Still Ring True Today This week on the Alice Is Everywhere podcast, we discussed at length Lewis Carroll’s Dos and Don’ts for communicating entitled Eight Or Nine Wise Words About Letter Writing. I promised my listeners I would publish screenshots of LC’s incredibly complex […]

Eight Or Nine Wise Words About Letter Writing

John Lennon Alice in Wonderland
John Was The Beatle Most Inspired By Lewis Carroll’s Works Picture yourself in a boat on a river With tangerine trees and marmalade skies Somebody calls you, you answer quite slowly A girl with kaleidoscope eyes -Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, Lennon/McCartney Here at Alice Is Everywhere, we’ve explored George […]

John Lennon And Alice In Wonderland

alice in wonderland insults
“You should learn not to make personal remarks,” Alice said with some severity, “It’s very rude.” Alice endures a lot of insults as she travels through Wonderland and Looking-Glass Land. Most barbs are directed at her intellect, but looks and personality are not off limits either. Compiling a list was challenging […]

Top 10 Alice In Wonderland Insults

You probably know Aldous Huxley as the author of the classic book Brave New World. You may even know he was a pacifist and philosopher and asked for LSD on his deathbed. But did you also know he and his family have several connections to Alice In Wonderland creator Lewis […]

Aldous Huxley And Lewis Carroll

White Rabbit painting
Magical Exhibit In Escondido Raises Awareness For Global Medical Relief Fund Recently, I was invited to a party. An Alice In Wonderland party filled with beautiful artwork, talented people, delicious food and drink and cosplayers in full costume dress. Naturally, I turned the invitation down. I KID. It took me […]

Unlocking Wonderland At The California Center For The Arts

alice through the looking glass review includes cheshire kitty
New Alice In Wonderland Movie Earns A Solid “It Was Pretty Okay” From Alice Is Everywhere A little Wonderland preamble, before we dive into my Alice Through The Looking Glass review: This movie is not a faithful adaptation of the book. It flat out has nothing to do with the book, really. […]

Alice Through The Looking Glass Review

steampunk Alice in Wonderland
Alice Goes Through The Looking Glass in Las Vegas Last summer, I experienced a show that combined three of my favorite things in the world: Alice In Wonderland, musical theater and Las Vegas. I reviewed ALICE A Steampunk Concert Fantasy then (spoiler alert- I liked it). But this is now! I […]

ALICE A Steampunk Concert Fantasy Review – Updated!

origins of if you don't know where you're going quote
If You Don’t Know Where You’re Going, Any Road Will Take You There Every so often, I come across some Alice in Wonderland misquotes on social media. And when I say every so often, I mean every single day. Sometimes it is a Disney Alice quote mistakenly attributed to Lewis […]

The Secret Connection Between George Harrison and Cheshire Cat

Las Vegas Alice in Wonderland slot machine
How To Have a Very Alice in Wonderland Day in Las Vegas If you have ever journeyed to Las Vegas, you know that it is full of bright lights, video poker and misbehaving tourists. But did you also know it is full of Alice in Wonderland things to see and do? We […]

Alice in Wonderland in Las Vegas

white rabbit is annoyed
Editor’s Note: This post about White Rabbit lyrics has been sitting in my rough drafts for some time. With the news of the passing of Jefferson Airplane’s Paul Kantner, the latest untimely death this Month The Music Died (Lemmy, Bowie, Glenn Frey, Kantner…ay yi yi! Paul and Ringo, PLEASE take care […]

White Rabbit Lyrics – The Dormouse Said What?

Mad Tea Party at Alice in Wonderland exhibit at NYPL
The 150th Anniversary of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland meant that Alice was Everywhere in 2015! When we last left our intrepid hero (me), she was still giddy from fabulous Alice in Wonderland exhibits in California and Texas, and preparing to launch this website. What happened next in the year Alice150? Well… […]

Part 2, Alice In Wonderland Year In Review 2015

fun at alice in austin
2015 was a very exciting year for Alice in Wonderland fans! The 150th anniversary of the publication of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland inspired a plethora of Alice exhibits, conferences and celebrations all over the globe. I personally cannot afford to travel all over the globe, so I used some Southwest […]

2015 Alice In Wonderland Year In Review, Part 1

side by side photo and drawing of alice liddell
Did you know that Alice in Wonderland started off as a Christmas present for a young girl? Once upon a time, there was a fellow named Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. Charles lived and worked at an Oxford college called Christ Church. While there, he enjoyed hanging out with little kids, especially […]

The Story of Alice’s Adventures Under Ground

best alice in wonderland gift for ever type of fan
Gifts For Every Alice in Wonderland Fan Christmas shopping for your favorite Alice in Wonderland fan isn’t always easy. You find the perfect gift, then the doubts creep in. Does she already have it? Does she epitomize this character? Does she go for Disney, or is she purely original gangster […]

Alice in Wonderland Gift Guide

Paso Robles Alice in Wonderland tasting room
How To Have a Very Alice in Wonderland Day on the Central Coast Are you like me? When you travel to a new city, do you research ahead of time and see if there are any attractions, hotels or restaurants with an Alice in Wonderland theme? No?! My Alice obsession may […]

Alice in Wonderland On California’s Central Coast

When Did the Alice in Wonderland Books Take Place? The casual Alice reader may be surprised to learn there are specific answers hiding in both books… When Did Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Take Place? Common Knowledge – May 4 Alice’s Evidence In Pig and Pepper, the sixth chapter of Alice’s […]

Alice in Wonderland Dates

first alice in wonderland movie featured special effects
The Early Days of Cinema Produced the First Alice in Wonderland Movie in 1903 Most of you are acquainted with Disney’s 1951 classic animated film Alice in Wonderland. Some of you may be conversant with the 1933 live action Alice movie, featuring big stars like WC Fields, Gary Cooper and Cary […]

The First Alice in Wonderland Movie EVER

asexual couples playing card costume
Why Nine? Because Ten Unsexy Alice in Wonderland Costumes Do Not Exist Shopping for an unsexy Alice in Wonderland costume can be challenging. For example, this is the White Rabbit: Besides having to explain to everybody that you are, indeed, an incredibly sexy White Rabbit, this costume presents a host […]

Top 9 Least Sexy Alice in Wonderland Costumes

Mad Hatter Day is October 6
Mad Hatter Day, A Once Obscure Holiday… Is Still Pretty Obscure Did you know that October 6 is Mad Hatter Day? If you are trying to figure out why, simply take a look at his hat. 10/6! Get it?! Of course, the actual 10/6 on the Hatter’s hat is just […]

Mad Hatter Day Is October 6

Salvador Dali Alice in Wonderland hides Alice in every picture
Dali’s 1969 Version of the Lewis Carroll Classic Was Previously Priced Over $12,000   Once upon a time, there was an artist named Salvador Dali. He was a strange cat. One day, Dali decided he would like to illustrate Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.** Predictably, it was weird. […]

Salvador Dali Alice in Wonderland Is Under $20

alice150 map of events
Celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland at the Alice150 Conference This Fall Okay, maybe Alice150 isn’t actually taking over New York City. However, from October 2-11, fervent Carrollians and regular folk alike have the opportunity to attend special events spread all over town in honor of the […]

Alice150 To Take Over New York City

alice in wonderland puppy acts like a puppy
The enduring mystery of the puppy from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Today is National Dog Day. What better time to discuss an Alice in Wonderland character that has flummoxed readers for ages: the puppy that acts like a puppy. The Alice in Wonderland puppy shows up in Alice’s Adventures in […]

The Alice in Wonderland Puppy

Flapper Alice in Wonderland Courtiers
Travel Back in Time to The Jazz Age with Willy Pogany’s 1929 Flapper Alice in Wonderland Over the years, a veritable plethora of illustrators have taken a turn at Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. From time to time, I will feature some of my favorite Alice artists on this blog. Where […]

Willy Pogany and His Flapper Alice in Wonderland

Steampunk Alice in Wonderland
ALICE: A Steampunk Concert Fantasy Rocks the Hard Rock Check out Alice Is Everywhere’s Updated 2016 ALICE A Steampunk Concert Fantasy review! There are few things in this world I love as much as the book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. One is musical theater. Another is Vegas. So you can imagine […]

Steampunk Alice in Wonderland Lives in Las Vegas

White Queen Chardonnay 2013 wine label
‘Have some wine,’ the March Hare said in an encouraging tone. Alice looked all round the table, but there was nothing on it but tea. ‘I don’t see any wine,’ she remarked. ‘There isn’t any,’ said the March Hare. ‘Then it wasn’t very civil of you to offer it,’ said […]

White Queen Chardonnay Wine Review

Alice looks at herself through the keyhole in Disney's Alice in Wonderland
What it’s like to watch Disney’s Alice in Wonderland for the first time as an adult. True confession time: I, who profess to be completely obsessed with Alice in Wonderland – truly, an enthusiast bordering on fanatic – I, until last week, had never seen Disney’s 1951 classic film Alice […]

Disney’s Alice in Wonderland – A Belated Movie Review

the walrus and the carpenter or butterfly or baronet
AKA The Walrus and the Carpenter or the… Whatever, Just Make It Three Syllables! Analyzing Alice in Wonderland books is endless fun. What was the Caterpillar smoking? Did Lewis Carroll hate little boys? Who is the Queen of Hearts, really? Why a rabbit hole??? Countless questions have been discussed by […]

The Walrus and the… Butterfly?!

Mock Turtle Ringo Starr
On Ringo Starr’s birthday, we look back at an often overlooked bit of Beatles history. As a huge fan of both Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and the Beatles, nothing could be more exciting to me when those two worlds collide. Like they did when Ringo Starr played the Mock Turtle […]

Happy Birthday to Our Favorite Mock Turtle!

Alice in Wonderland statue for Texas park
New Alice in Wonderland Statue to be Installed in Texas Park in 2016 Alice in Wonderland fans, do you ever dream you are strolling along, minding your own business, when you suddenly stumble upon a Mad Hatter, a March Hare and a sleepy Dormouse at tea? Do you ever imagine […]

A (Mad) Texas Tea Party

150 years of Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
The 4th of July is obviously a pretty important day for the United States of America. But did you know, it’s also the anniversary of one of the most influential books in the entire world? One hundred and fifty years ago today, the very first edition of Alice’s Adventures in […]

Happy Alice in Wonderland Day!