All March Hare All The Time

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In a world of Alices, Hatters and Queens of Hearts, March Hare finally gets his due this week on Alice Is Everywhere. Review March Hare’s role in Lewis Carroll’s masterpieces Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland and Through The Looking Glass. Learn the origin of the phrase “mad as a March Hare.” Recap famous March Hares from movies old and new. Listen to March Hare-inspired music by All About Eve and classic rock band Yes. Cringe at Heather’s grammatical error when she strays from her script and adlibs one freaking sentence. Does “It was the best butter” hold the key to the universe? Listen to our ALL March Hare episode to find out!

About Heather Haigha

Heather Haigha is your intrepid guide for all adventures under ground, through the looking glass, down the rabbit hole and sometimes even real life! Read her whimsical musings on the Alice Is Everywhere blog, and hear the melodious sound of her voice on the Alice is Everywhere podcast.