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  What the heck is a phantasmagoria? That depends on which phantasmagoria you are talking about. The haunting theater experience? The ’90s video game? The Marilyn Manson movie that never was? Or the Lewis Carroll penned poem? We of course elaborate on the Lewis Carroll Phantasmagoria, but any and all […]

Phantasmagoria Part 1

alice in wonderland podcast
  Who is Harry Furniss, and what the heck goes on in Sylvie And Bruno? We’ll answer one of those questions, as we highlight the somewhat tumultuous and entirely entertaining relationship between Lewis Carroll and one of his later illustrators. We’ll also touch upon the famous John Tenniel and the […]

Lewis Carroll, Typewriters And Illustrators

Salvador Dali Alice in Wonderland hides Alice in every picture
Dali’s 1969 Version of the Lewis Carroll Classic Was Previously Priced Over $12,000   Once upon a time, there was an artist named Salvador Dali. He was a strange cat. One day, Dali decided he would like to illustrate Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.** Predictably, it was weird. […]

Salvador Dali Alice in Wonderland Is Under $20

Flapper Alice in Wonderland Courtiers
Travel Back in Time to The Jazz Age with Willy Pogany’s 1929 Flapper Alice in Wonderland Over the years, a veritable plethora of illustrators have taken a turn at Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. From time to time, I will feature some of my favorite Alice artists on this blog. Where […]

Willy Pogany and His Flapper Alice in Wonderland