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Alice in Wonderland has spawned almost every type of movie, from the saccharine to the bizarre to the terrifying. Our Alice in Wonderland movie reviews cover the good, the bad and the ugly of Alice’s life at the cinema.

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  What the heck is a phantasmagoria? That depends on which phantasmagoria you are talking about. The haunting theater experience? The ’90s video game? The Marilyn Manson movie that never was? Or the Lewis Carroll penned poem? We of course elaborate on the Lewis Carroll Phantasmagoria, but any and all […]

Phantasmagoria Part 1

alice in wonderland podcast
All hail the queens! Episode 30 of Alice Is Everywhere is all about Through The Looking-Glass queens The Red Queen and The White Queen. We throw in a little Queen of Hearts for good measure, along with an in depth discussion of the number 42. Was it really Lewis Carroll’s […]

Through The Looking-Glass Wrap-Up Part 4

alice through the looking glass review includes cheshire kitty
New Alice In Wonderland Movie Earns A Solid “It Was Pretty Okay” From Alice Is Everywhere A little Wonderland preamble, before we dive into my Alice Through The Looking Glass review: This movie is not a faithful adaptation of the book. It flat out has nothing to do with the book, really. […]

Alice Through The Looking Glass Review

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The Early Days of Cinema Produced the First Alice in Wonderland Movie in 1903 Most of you are acquainted with Disney’s 1951 classic animated film Alice in Wonderland. Some of you may be conversant with the 1933 live action Alice movie, featuring big stars like WC Fields, Gary Cooper and Cary […]

The First Alice in Wonderland Movie EVER

Alice looks at herself through the keyhole in Disney's Alice in Wonderland
What it’s like to watch Disney’s Alice in Wonderland for the first time as an adult. True confession time: I, who profess to be completely obsessed with Alice in Wonderland – truly, an enthusiast bordering on fanatic – I, until last week, had never seen Disney’s 1951 classic film Alice […]

Disney’s Alice in Wonderland – A Belated Movie Review