Rare Verses And Lazy Wonderlands

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Episode 46 of the world’s only ALL Alice in Wonderland slash Lewis Carroll podcast features a thrilling roller coaster ride regarding the procurement of a brand new book entitled Rare, Uncollected, Unpublished and Nonexistent Verse of Lewis Carroll. Included in this previously uncollected collection? The lost verses of the Walrus and the Carpenter! Then we’ll break down the song Lazy Wonderland by Broken Bells. Is it about the relationship between Charles Dodgson and Alice Liddell? Spoiler alert: we have no idea. Lastly, learn all about Heather’s new video series called the Wonderland Minute, coming at you every Tuesday. For obvious reasons.

About Heather Haigha

Heather Haigha is your intrepid guide for all adventures under ground, through the looking glass, down the rabbit hole and sometimes even real life! Read her whimsical musings on the Alice Is Everywhere blog, and hear the melodious sound of her voice on the Alice is Everywhere podcast.