Lewis Carroll

It seems like everyone has an opinion on Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, otherwise known as Lewis Carroll. The man kept copious journals and records of his letters, and you would be AMAZED at how differently people can interpret them. The bottom line is that no one who is alive today really knew him and after all the myth and conjecture, all we can agree on is that he was a strange cat who wrote some great books.

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  Episode 46 of the world’s only ALL Alice in Wonderland slash Lewis Carroll podcast features a thrilling roller coaster ride regarding the procurement of a brand new book entitled Rare, Uncollected, Unpublished and Nonexistent Verse of Lewis Carroll. Included in this previously uncollected collection? The lost verses of the […]

Rare Verses And Lazy Wonderlands

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What’s in a name? If the name is Mischmasch, quite a lot! We discuss the self-published magazine by Lewis Carroll entitled Mischmasch, along with The Rectory Magazine and Rectory Umbrella. We give a rundown of LC’s only trip abroad- once you hear the number of boats, trains and carriages involved, […]


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Who’s that rapping at your chamber door? Spoiler alert- that’s no raven, it’s a phantasmagoria! Listen to Lewis Carroll’s delightful rhyming story from start to finish on Part 2 of our Phantasmagoria-arama. The content may surprise you. Did you know there are five rules that all ghosts must abide by? […]

Part 2 Phantasmagoria

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  What the heck is a phantasmagoria? That depends on which phantasmagoria you are talking about. The haunting theater experience? The ’90s video game? The Marilyn Manson movie that never was? Or the Lewis Carroll penned poem? We of course elaborate on the Lewis Carroll Phantasmagoria, but any and all […]

Phantasmagoria Part 1

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  It’s time for part 2 of our Beatrice Hatch extravaganza! Learn exactly what it was like to be a child friend of a certain Lewis Carroll. We get our firsthand account via Beatrice’s obituary of the author, inventor, photographer and Oxford don published in The Strand magazine in 1898. […]

Part 2 Beatrice Hatch And Lewis Carroll

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  Who was Beatrice Hatch, and why did she write an obituary of Lewis Carroll for The Strand Magazine in 1898? Well, he was deceased, first of all. Learn all about Ms. Hatch’s relationship with Mr. Carroll, and hear a fact-based account of this complicated Oxford don’s life. We’ll also […]

Beatrice Hatch And Lewis Carroll Part 1

wonderland stamp case was sold with eight or nine wise words about letter writing
In 1890, Lewis Carroll Published Rules For Communicating That Still Ring True Today This week on the Alice Is Everywhere podcast, we discussed at length Lewis Carroll’s Dos and Don’ts for communicating entitled Eight Or Nine Wise Words About Letter Writing. I promised my listeners I would publish screenshots of LC’s incredibly complex […]

Eight Or Nine Wise Words About Letter Writing

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What can we learn about email communication from an 1890 letter writing guide? You might be surprised! It’s been a few years since Lewis Carroll wrote Eight Or Nine Wise Words About Letter Writing, but his witty advice rings true today: wait a day before sending an angry letter, be […]

Lewis Carroll’s Letter Writing Guide

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  On this special holiday episode of Alice Is Everywhere, learn all about the origins of Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland and how it started off as The Best Christmas Gift Ever. That’s right, the original written manuscript of Alice’s Adventures Under Ground was given to little Alice Liddell as a […]

A Christmas Poem And The Best Christmas Gift Ever

You probably know Aldous Huxley as the author of the classic book Brave New World. You may even know he was a pacifist and philosopher and asked for LSD on his deathbed. But did you also know he and his family have several connections to Alice In Wonderland creator Lewis […]

Aldous Huxley And Lewis Carroll

origins of if you don't know where you're going quote
If You Don’t Know Where You’re Going, Any Road Will Take You There Every so often, I come across some Alice in Wonderland misquotes on social media. And when I say every so often, I mean every single day. Sometimes it is a Disney Alice quote mistakenly attributed to Lewis […]

The Secret Connection Between George Harrison and Cheshire Cat

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Did you know that Alice in Wonderland started off as a Christmas present for a young girl? Once upon a time, there was a fellow named Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. Charles lived and worked at an Oxford college called Christ Church. While there, he enjoyed hanging out with little kids, especially […]

The Story of Alice’s Adventures Under Ground

the walrus and the carpenter or butterfly or baronet
AKA The Walrus and the Carpenter or the… Whatever, Just Make It Three Syllables! Analyzing Alice in Wonderland books is endless fun. What was the Caterpillar smoking? Did Lewis Carroll hate little boys? Who is the Queen of Hearts, really? Why a rabbit hole??? Countless questions have been discussed by […]

The Walrus and the… Butterfly?!