A Christmas Poem And The Best Christmas Gift Ever

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On this special holiday episode of Alice Is Everywhere, learn all about the origins of Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland and how it started off as The Best Christmas Gift Ever. That’s right, the original written manuscript of Alice’s Adventures Under Ground was given to little Alice Liddell as a Christmas gift from the Reverend Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, AKA Lewis Carroll. We’ll also discuss at length Carroll’s Christmas poem entitled Christmas Greetings From A Fairy To A Child and hear two delightful versions of it set to music. Lastly, hear Heather utter the words “Ta da! Unto you this dormouse is born, in a teapot!” (It’s not nearly as blasphemous as it sounds.)

About Heather Haigha

Heather Haigha is your intrepid guide for all adventures under ground, through the looking glass, down the rabbit hole and sometimes even real life! Read her whimsical musings on the Alice Is Everywhere blog, and hear the melodious sound of her voice on the Alice is Everywhere podcast.